Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

How do you determine the hot new style of display mode in 7 days

Fashion is a way to connect with your inner self through clothing. Clothing often represents a particular style or era, and every year fashion designers trying to contribute and produce new trends that can visualize the time this year, and hope that it create a milestone in the history of forever.

There are many styles of fashion through, remember the time period. Their mode of living as very successful and often the classic way that always was and will be eternal.

There are many of us who want to put on what is in fashion at any cost; not only this, but every year a season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, there is one problem, we don't hesitate to take a look at, and the most important issue in fashion: fashion style to accommodate us.

How do you recognize if Your fashion style?

It's really not complicated; the clothes are usually made with a variety of silhouettes in mind, despite the fact that we are not a fashion runway model, you should think about the following before setting any fashion style: height, weight, skin color. Selection of everything in the game modes and quality characteristics of the individual, to be able to put you, basically you need to be aware of your body and your skin tone.

Height and weight You will decide if you should choose fashion style that applies to short or long skirts or dresses as each one and change your body can be highlighted. Will determine your skin tone what color clothes should be defined and directly linked to the style of fashion and some designers make only certain colors.

It is important you be the judge yourself and so you will be able to choose the most effective style of fashion that will bring out Your best features and then gives you your money's worth. What advantages does not wear the latest fashion is to date does not match the pattern and your identity?

You have to break the rules of fashion?

Fashion style must be selected exclusively for your own taste as you appear good in them, not because they are in style now. Also always keep in mind that if you don't have style in fashion and design find it silly, and you can always wear something classic and always in style, and be able to accommodate everybody without exception. If you don't know what colors will be used to meet critical fashion, always stick with black and white as a classic and continued in style.