Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Luxurious style-fashion bags and bags of the world famous luxury

Luxury is defined as anything exaggeration that does not need to use Basic or Basic. An important factor is the luxury of extravagance. Many people desire to satisfy their cravings. Not told that desire need not be achieved but there are some limits to everything. Some people with Mania and mania to achieve what they want. The main impression is fancy. Prosperity and wealth is the only thing that can handle a dream.

Because there are a lot of rich people and rich people who have the luck to enjoy all kinds of prosperity in the world. Many rich people take pleasure in luxury homes, vacation, Hotels, cars, sports, antiques, clothing, jewelry and accessories. Many women are ecstatic to buy fancy jewelry and accessories. These accessories include different types of luxury goods, jewelry, shoes, watches, bags and purses. Here are some of the luxury brand handbags and purse.

Hermes Birkin "bag is one of the most prestigious in the world. Amazing amazing. It is embedded with thousands of diamonds with Platinum body. Belt pouch and dazzling. Can be taken from the bag, and can be used as necklace or bracelet. The bag is decorated with a diamond pendant can also be used separately as an extension.

Luxury brands make costly design bag available in 13 pieces in the world. Chanel handbag purse forever classic diamond design with versatile. The price of this bag was $ 261,000. Bags made of white gold and Shine also shoulder strap made of white gold. The skin shining and sparkling amazing bag ever.

Lana marks is the famous luxury brand that is luxurious and expensive bag and wallet women. This results in a special brand of Cleopatra. Cleopatra clutch is only produced every year. This bag is made of crocodile leather and decorated with white and Black diamonds and white gold.

Since the fashion label brand on behalf of several celebrities in fashion. There is a brand that has been called the bag name famous actress Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin bag made of crocodile leather and decorated with white diamond. Price of the bag is $ 120,000.