Kamis, 18 April 2013

Express Your fashion style

To express your personal style more variations, you have to choose from are the best you can express yourself. Your wardrobe should be many variations to express different moods. When it comes the new season go through your wardrobe and didn't wear the show or don't fit you anymore. Remove these items from your wardrobe and give it to charity. Create notes and find out what's missing from your closet. Put the details as much as possible so that when you shop next time you will know what you need to buy. But don't throw away items just because it has brought you a similar element, such as a pair of jeans. You can keep both of them and lead them in a different way. It is possible that one pair of jeans is a bit shorter, and it cannot be worn with heels to wear this one with your apartment and get jeans that are a little longer new so you can wear heels.
Wearing new uniforms or any piece of clothing feels great. But the shame that the feeling was not with us long ago. Will soon become a new item of this as the rest of the items in our closet. The trick here is to buy pieces of very versatile clothing found that you can return them again and again. Take, for example, wore a white shirt and especially using the power of layers, you can use that in a lot of things, such as wearing it with a pair of jeans for a casual open to both under shirt or closed. Wear some pants that are designed specifically for a more formal event. You can also get a lot of looks with a white shirt. And can be worn with skirts long sparkly evening or worn under the skirt or trouser press for your work. Even buying a versatile cut is way better and cheaper to express your style.