Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

Fashion hijab style

Veil is the required dress for many women and gauze are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, styles, and which allow women coping with the look of a veil to match the particular style or occasion. Also, hijab style can vary in different regions of the world.
Here are some of the more common types of veils are available in the market:

Pashmina: one of the most familiar with the available styles, hijab pashmina fabric manufactured in light and comfortable, rectangular shape and offers a variety of design options, including various Arab and India design. Real hoods of this type tend to be too expensive. Also, provide a high level of discretion when worn, with the option to bind, bend or wrap it in everyday use or special occasions.

One piece: it is a very common style Ballet veil one piece submitted for the first time in the Middle East. But it remains an option, it's easy and very practical, so perfect for women and girls to wear as part of his clothes. Generated in this style often made in cotton Jersey fabric type and designed to be very easy to put in place. Especially the shape of the pipes or tubes that make if very easy to pull the top of the head.

Length: Cameo, and other patterns to form a rectangle, which may be one of the oldest, most flexible, and one of the most preferred style. Often produced in a variety of fabrics from silk or cotton, polyester satin-Soft. It is ideal for those who seek flexibility in use, makes it simple to convert length and fold in various forms. Can cameo designed with many amazing designs and patterns that run along its substances.

Theatre: it is an alternative to tube or rectangle hijab style square, often a worm in southern Asia and Eastern Europe. Popular fabrics include cotton and polyester veil especially. Can be fairly plain or decorated with a variety of styles and designs. Generally this type of hijab worn by folding the fabric to create a triangular shape, which is installed and then under the Chin. Often recommended for those small or long face shape, can look great with a minimum of fuss and perfect for any occasion.