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Hollywood siren today-Dorothy dandridgi and fashion style

Hollywood siren dandridgi today-Dorothy. Every time I lost for something to do, or I have a quiet moment with the iced tea on a sunny day, I will include a collection of old movies. One of my favorites with a strong personality, and classic that I admire is Carmen. Bold actress with a lot of gravity and force that can attract a man to destruction, and eventually his tragic fate. This story now, the story of lust and fear-mongering hysteria. The actress who plays this role, caught my attention when I saw the movie about his life.

Halle Berry, who plays her, she is the first African-American actress nominated for an Oscar. No route to the stars more bright and full of promise. Dorothy dandridgi was born in 1922, Ruby dandridgi, aspiring actress and Cyril dandridgi, makers of the Cabinet, and Ministers. Ruby after her parents separated, her daughter Dorothy and the Act, under the name "baby miracle". Life and entertainment dreams in life is moving non-stop and no.

Growing up in Depression-era, Dorothy and her family experienced great difficulty like many other Americans. Ruby's family moved to Hollywood, and was able to find a source of steady income, play a bit-part role as a waitress in the film. It was named ' "baby miracle" ' brother ' "dandridgi" ' and they play at places such as the famous ' cotton Club '. I saw the movie named after this famous Stadium, and fascinated immediately. Filled with black musicians and dancers, the rich and famous attending decadent with experienced some miracle of jazz.

Dorothy played many roles a bit part as a beautiful woman, exotic in Hollywood movies. He landed his first role in a small, but significant fix Parker and Virginia Huston as Tarzan and Jane. Though a small role, is big enough to be noticed.

His major breakthrough landed in the spotlight, the film was Carmen. All black cast, sound of the time, sexy performance she gives. And an ode to a bygone era of shiny, where treatment is ideal for everyone. Men dressed and adorned with back hair and tight women wear dresses easily, and managed to look fashionable all the time.

I especially like the way that inspired flamenco Carmen, Red skirt. His attitude is mixed with Red skirt and inviting and tempting, after the issue of the warning signs at the same time. Can easily be imitated look with a little imagination, without dipping into drawers vintage. She wore a simple Jersey top and cut red skirt overlay, wrap. Working with cats or little black shoes heels, could become a symbol of the dead.
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